what is vue?


Vue is a framework for developing innovative user interfaces. It was created by Evan Youis.

It is designed from the ground up to be incrementally adoptable, unlike other monolithic frameworks.

The core library mainly focuses on the view layer, and it’s simple to use.

It can be integrate with other libraries or projects.

we can use JavaScript’s components and reactive features, such as reactive interfaces and data binding. so we can quickly create single-page applications that are easy to manage.

vue benefits

vue react angular
  • Simplicity
  • Integration
  • User-Friendly
  • Customization
  • Few Restrictions
  • Good Documentation
  • Support


It was created with the aim of achieving good results with as little effort as possible, so that the user can code with just a few lines.


Vue.js can be integrated with other frameworks such as React, allowing developers to adjust the project to their specific needs. it is becoming a popular approach for web development due to its ease of integration with a number of existing web applications.


Vue.js, according to experts, does not have a steep learning curve, which is advantageous for beginner programmers.In terms of learning, it’s worth noting that Vue.js only allows programmers to understand the fundamentals of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, as opposed to Angular or React, which require additional programming languages for advanced coding. Vue.js can also be used with normal editors.There’s also a Firefox and Chrome browser plugin that makes it even easier to get started.


It is an excellent development platform since all of its features are easily available. Developers can call the feature whatever they want for ease of use. Every section can have its own set of functions, making it easier to tailor the framework to the user’s specific needs.

Few Restrictions

Vue.js’ architecture provides less constraints and more flexibility in completing the project. The core library is focused on the ‘View’ component, which, when combined with the modular approach and the use of numerous libraries, allows programmers to solve problems in a variety of ways.

Good Documentation

Strong documentation is one of the most critical aspects. It displays all of the framework’s choices as well as examples of best practices. Its’ documentation is continuously being revised and enhanced.It also includes a basic introduction and a thorough description of the API. It is, without a doubt, one of the most comprehensive documentations for the language.


The platform’s support is outstanding. In 2015, for example, every question on the official platform was answered. Similarly, over 1,400 problems were resolved on GitHub in less than 13 hours on average.

Vue React Angular

Vue.js is an open-source library like React.js, but unlike React.js and Angular, it supports small file sizes. Since it uses concepts like directives and modules to manage and render user interfaces, Vue.js is a hybrid of Angular and React.js.

It’s important to note that Vue.js allows you to manipulate HTML that has already been made by the server, while React.js does not.

vue Environment Setup

Vue.js can be used in a variety of ways in your web project:

● Downloade the Vue.js file and include it with <script> tag directly in the HTML file

● Use CDN by including <script> tag in the HTML file

● Install it by using Node Package Manager (NPM)

● Use Vue-cli to set up your project

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