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create website / application - an online shop

with Node.js, Express, Mongodb, react
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  • web design

    web design

    web design

    Website design Depending on your needs, it can be done with WordPress or specifically with react, angular technologies.
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  • Software developing

    Software developing

    Software developing

    Software have different applications and should be based on the application and how to use, design and...
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  • PWA & Application designe

    PWA & Application designe

    PWA & Application designe

    Can be installed on all operating systems, fast and quality, SEO, without the hassle of publishing in app markets
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  • wordpress vs vue

    In this article, we are going to teach you how to use the popular vue framework in WordPress. But reading this article is more recommended for those who are already coded in WordPress and Vue or are interested in this…

Guys who helped me in projects

  • Akbar Ahmadi

    Akbar Ahmadi

    Node.js developer
  • MalekNezhad


    SEO specialist
  • Zahra Ahmadi

    Zahra Ahmadi

    Content producer

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