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  • web design

    web design

    web design

    Website design Depending on your needs, it can be done with WordPress or specifically with react, angular technologies.
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  • Software developing

    Software developing

    Software developing

    Software have different applications and should be based on the application and how to use, design and...
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  • PWA & Application designe

    PWA & Application designe

    PWA & Application designe

    Can be installed on all operating systems, fast and quality, SEO, without the hassle of publishing in app markets
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  • css conditional rules: when / else

    Conditional rules are nothing but css-based attributes; Which are applied on the basis of specific conditions. Therefore, the condition can be true or false and the phrase or model is executed based on it. These rules eventually follow certain principles

  • What is ctr or click through rate?

    If you also intend to move in the direction of Google algorithms and its new updates and strengthen your site in terms of SEO. You should also pay special attention to the ctr or the same click-through rate of your

  • What is CPC?

    If you have come across words like CPC or PPC during your site design and marketing; We suggest you read this article

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