What is PWA?

progressive web app , is kind of application that works on browsers. when you have PWA , you are combining your website and application together and user doesn’t need to install your application or remember your website name, but it steal is installable and user can add shortcut of the PWA to the phone home screen.

it is the new technology.

It enables web apps to load when there is no network. it is reliable and fast.

Google found that 53% of the users abandon the website if the page took longer than 3 seconds to load.

The scrolls and page transitions should be buttery smooth when the user is interacting with the web app.

it is responsive. it is Installable so that the user can access the PWA in one click.

A PWA provides features like push notification, home screen icon, full-screen and offline first app to glorify user engagement.

The PWA stores HTML files, CSS files and images (front and ui) in the browser cache and only read data whenever it is possible.

if users can use your services over your website , why not let them?

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