What is Backend?

Back end is a part of an application or website that is not accessible to the user. Most data and how they work are stored and performed in the Back end.

In fact, it is better to say that the back end is behind the scenes of a site. Everything a programmer does to get a site up and running is part of the site’s behind-the-scenes or back-end site.

The user has no access to this part of the site or application. He can only see the result in the front part of the site, and you are not allowed to change it because he does not have access to these codes at all. Only site developers can access this section.

Typically, each code in a site’s backend consists of one or more programming languages. Among the functional languages ​​in the back end, we can mention php, c #, asp, java, nodejs, python, etc.

The processing and storage of data in the database and decisions are all the responsibility of the backend of a software.

Yes … you may even be able to change the code in the Front End, at least for your own personal use. But this is not possible in the background. This is a very, very important and important part, even the company that provided Telegram open source, only provided the front end part, if it wanted to make the back end part available to the user, then Telegram would definitely not be so secure.

The purpose is to have a back end and a front end.

All applications, websites or any other computer program are divided into back end and front end components for different purposes. One of the most common reasons for software and web development to break into back end and front end is in terms of the skills required and simplicity in large scale. The front end aspect of a project is usually done by professionals such as web designers, while the final part is managed by engineers and developers.

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