How to connect to our “host” or “server” via FTP with PhpStorm software?

New Update with last version of PhpStorm

Want to learn how to connect to our host or server via FTP with PHPSTORM software? The steps are as follows:

1-Install the software.
2-Click on “New Project from Existing Files…”

  1. Click on the fourth option.

  1. Enter name of your project. the name can be everything!


  1. We enter the ftp information completely into the system.

  1. Click on the “project root” option, Then select the “excluded from download” option.
    Please after that, click on “next”

  1. In this option, we go to the next step by typing “/”, Then click on Finish

  1. The installation operation is complete and you can start working in this software by clicking on name of your project which you entered in section 4 
  2. then, if right sidebar was not open, click on “remote Host” on right bar;

    if, Remote Host was not on right bar, then you have two options:


  3. now, on “right bar” you can see list of your files and folders. you are connected to your FTP server, you can browse, open files, upload files, normally you are seeing “public_html” folder, open it and enjoy start editing codes inside a server. 😊😁

if you are seeing message:

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