What is DNS?

Let me simply explain what DNS is. Remember I said to design a site, first of all you need to register a domain for your site and buy a suitable host for your domain and … things like this?

Remember I said the domain is the name we choose for our site? In fact, the domain is the name by which the user of our site is known. But what about computers? Do you think they are familiar with our language?

I must say that, unfortunately, the language of the computer is very different from the language of humans, which is known as IP and is much more difficult than our language.

Since we need to use computers and the Internet to first understand what we mean. As a result, just like in the real world, when two people from two different countries want to talk to each other, they need an interpreter, and here we need an interpreter who can understand what we mean by computer. DNS is exactly the translator we are talking about.

In fact, the DNS’s job is to convert the domain name of a site that is human-readable, such as idehweb.com, into a computer-readable language, which is IP, and is a language of numbers, and vice versa.

How the DNS works

The way it works is that when you buy a domain for your site, you actually specify a name for your site. The DNS task is to convert this readable name for you into a readable name for the computer, which is the IP language.

Every time you search for the name of a site and use it, DNS actually translates your request into IP language for your computer.

The point is, if you’ve bought your host and domain from the same company, that ‘s ok. But if you bought from two different companies, then after registering your domain, you have to change its DNS based on your web hosting service, which is the same host, so that it can use your domain.

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