I am Hamid Reza Alinia Ziazi
I started programming with C language when I was 14 years old.
I was interested in two-dimensional simulation, and then I built robots in the hardware department.
When I wanted to enter the job market, I continued my work in the software and web sector. I studied software at the university for a bachelor’s degree. I thought I needed to improve my technical skills to make more money. So I learned a lot of technologies and programming languages ​​like swift, android to be able to produce applications as well. In addition to the skills of the front section, I also strengthened the back section. I also worked with NodeJs, PHP and python and specialized in NodeJs. I also worked with MySQL and Mongodb databases. Later, over time, I realized that high income had nothing to do with technical skills, and that I needed to strengthen my business and speaking skills. I completed my master’s degree in e-commerce at Khajeh Nasir University of Tehran. As I write this, I have 11 years of coding experience. I have also worked as a technical manager in recent years.
I have been running the idehweb.com since 2011 and have had the honor of working with many professional programmers and technical managers.
I am currently, designing website and software at Idehweb. The purpose of this is to produce WordPress plugins and themes and software based on NodeJS, whether on the web or applications.

Today, for the successful and effective presence of any business in the vast digital world, we need to design a professional and principled site or application. Using it in your business will lead you to success and surpass the competitors in the market. Idehweb team consists of experts in the field of software design and production with 8 years of experience and mastered the technologies of Nodejs, react, angular, ionic, jQuery, bootstrap, python, express, PHP, WordPress , android and iOS.

thank you for reading this