what is Sitemap?

what is sitemap

Sitemap points to two things. If the site has a hierarchical system, it shows this hierarchy. If the user is looking for something, he will go ahead of the main page of the site and reach the desired content with the existing hierarchy. Now, if this hierarchy is not logical, he will not reach the desired content. It is simply a road map.The second refers to the pages of the site on one page It actually shows the URL of web pages so that search engines can find content on the web and how to access it.


sitemap crawl

It is a text file with xml extension,although, some of them are in HTML format If your pages do not have internal and external links, it is difficult for Google to access these pages. Also, if you want to increase the importance of some pages of the site, you can use the site map.Also, if your site is large, the site map will find the latest updates and the latest content


Site map was introduced to web developers by Google in 2005 with version 0.84, then in 2006 Yahoo joined the protocol.

Does my site have a sitemap?

If you put “/ sitemap.xml” after the site domain, you will see the site map file, which may be indexed.

for example:


idehweb sitemap

sitemap format

  • Loc Tag
  • Lastmod Tag
  • Changefreq Tag
  • Priority Tag

sitemap format

Which shows the site address, the latest update, the number of changes and the order of the pages, respectively


Google bot can search for your site with the help of keywords and find the desired page. However, with the help of sitemap, you help this bot to know the structure and categories of the site. For these reasons, it effectively improves SEO strategy. For this reason, very large sites that do not have internal links or have new pages or media, the use of it is recommended.

create it

You can create it with “yoast seo” or “All in One SEO Pack” or”XML sitemap”

in yoast seo you can navigate to SEO > General and select the Features tab. There, you’ll find a setting called XML sitemaps:

sitemap yoast

by default xml site map is on so it will generate a WordPress site map and keep it up-to-date.

Types of sitemap

XML Sitemap Index,XML Image Sitemap,XML Video Sitemap and Google News Sitemap are the types of sitemap.


You can use Google tools to create a site map to get the site on the first pages of search engines.you can see this article

google it

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