How to use react in WordPress?

How to use react in WordPress?

React and WordPress are well-known names in the world of web design and CMS (Content Management System). WordPress, after years of serving bloggers, has been successful in hosting websites; It has now become a platform; More than a third of all sites are designed with it. One of the most interesting parts of WordPress is the WordPress Rest API. This WordPress feature is an excuse to use React in WordPress. React was well received when a React-based user interface called Calypso was introduced. Due to the widespread use of React and WordPress, we decided to examine the effects of the two on each other.

How WordPress and react communicate with each other?

Transformation in WordPress with react log

WordPress is a very PHP-based platform that stores its data with the power of My SQL. But in WordPress, other programming languages ​​(HTML, Java Script, CSS) are used. These languages ​​have played an important role in the development of WordPress. Among the mentioned languages, it can be said that JavaScript is less important than others. So many web developers do not need it. This is while Java Script is taking its place in the heart of WordPress day by day and is becoming part of its main structure. Every day, a large number of frameworks and libraries are added to JavaScript to develop WordPress skins and plugins. One of the most important libraries added is React. Which was first introduced when the calypso interface was announced in November 2015. Thanks to Calypso, React was introduced as a powerful and visual interface for Jetpack and WordPress sites. And it can be said that from this time on, fundamental changes took place in the WordPress ecosystem. As experts in this field ask themselves, will WordPress be based on PHP or will it move away from it?

Advantages of using React

Now we want to explore some of the benefits of WordPress design based on this library for further research.

  1. Easy to learn and simple coding

    CMS developers had their first concern with react learning; But java script was easy for users who were already familiar with HTML and CSS.
    JSX provided a practical way to mix JavaScript and HTML knowledge. react allows users to use different structures by arranging features, models and bookmarks in one place.
    And that in itself is an advantage; Because the user can enjoy the design as well as mastering the framework.
    This will make the project faster and easier.

  2. Ability to reuse react components

    One of the features of react is the ability to reuse the code of a feature. Each react program has many components behind it. These components can be used and reused throughout the project.
    The react components are separate at the same time. This means that although you can use the components in several different places; But you can customize each component to your liking without changing the other components.
    This makes the work of WordPress developers easy and accurate.

  3. Ability to store and present data separately

    How WordPress and react communicate with each other

    Each react allows information to be stored and presented. In fact, it can be said that the components are mainly used for short-term storage. In a way, react can be considered as a provider for an improved alternative to traditional layers.
    react and state are two distinct concepts and are completely different in data presentation. But if you want to make the most of react, we suggest you use Redux. By default, all the information you lose during the presentation is reacted. When you combine the two, you can provide the amount you want for optimal storage and delivery to the Redux store.
    These files are transferred through the WordPress rest API.

  4. react High-speed provider

    Although we have talked about the important advantages of react so far, it can be said that none of them were the most important advantages.
    The most important advantage of this attractive and useful JavaScript library is speeding up your projects; And this is due to re-presentation.
    This function can be explained as follows; To increase the speed, just submit the situation to Redux to run again. In this part, the order of entering the components does not matter. Because everyone is governed equally. And the reason for inheriting this library comes from the separation of storage and presentation.

  5. Wide community of writers

    In any structure, its developers are one of the most important factors; We must be careful in choosing them for progress. Due to the rapid growth of react, the community of developers as well as the community of consumers and experts is very large, and this is due to the attractiveness of this library worldwide; Which has attracted the attention of many people in this basin. One of the most important uses for companies such as Airbnb ،Dropbox ،Alipay ،Netflix و Reddit is to use react for many of their applications.

But in the end we must say that without a doubt react can be called a modern development tool for WordPress. And it confirmed its growing acceptance among users and developers.

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