Which is better, flutter or react?

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  • Which is better, flutter or react?

    What is a flutter? If you are one of the enthusiasts of mobile programming, you must have heard the names of filter and react. flutter was unveiled by Google in 2017 as a new framework, and in this short period…

  • Top features react

    React is a JavaScript library that is very popular among programmers. This library has a very important and fundamental role in the ecosystem and user side application. As we discussed in another article, the React library is widely used in…

  • How to use react in WordPress?

    If developing react based WordPress sites is also appealing to you; Please read on to find out more about this.

  • what is vue?

    vue is a progressive framework for building user interfaces. we define this framework and say about its benfits

  • what is otp (one-time password)?

    otp is an automatically generated numeric or alphanumeric for a single transaction or login session.

  • What is PWA?

    progressive web app , is kind of application that works on browsers

  • What is HTTPS?

    When you enter the site, you must have noticed that an address is automatically added to the beginning. But sometimes you may find that instead..

  • WordPress installation tutorial

    In this article, we are going to teach you completely and step by step how to install WordPress. After reading this article, you can easily install and set up WordPress on your site.

  • what is front end?

    In simple terms, Front End is the look of the site. Anything from a computer program or site that you can see as a user is part of the front end of the site.

  • What is Backend?

    Everything a programmer does to get a site up and running is part of the site behind the scenes or the site’s backend

  • What is a host?

    Host in English means host, which is called a part of the server. A server can …

  • What is a domain?

    The domain is the web address of your website, the domain name is the most key part of your online address …

  • How to connect to our “host” or “server” via FTP with PhpStorm software?

    in PhpStorm , you can connect to your host or VPS (your server) and edit your files. we are showing you how to do that.

  • Advanced Camera Controls

    The Image Capture API lets you access the device’s camera through your browser

  • Audio & Video Capture

    The media capture API allows
    web applications to access streams through the device’s audio and video interfaces

  • front end and back end

    The layer above the back end is the front end and it includes all software or hardware that is part of a user interface.

  • The difference between pwa and native application

    read difference among pwa and native,advantage and disadvantage of each of them.

  • google authentication with Node.js (part 2)

    For google authentication with Node.js after creating project in google console and getting credentials from google, now that we have “Client Id” and “Client secret” , it’s time to connect our express or node js application to google. Before You…