what is Google Analytics?

This article describes benefits of google analytics.

google analytics

How does Google Analytics work?

you have a site and you need to know how many people visit it.

so you can manage your site, and increase traffic of it. How does it work?

When a user visits your website, Google Analytics will drop a cookie on the user’s browser. Cookies are tiny files that store data about a user’s activities.

Google Analytics can use these cookies to monitor how users interact with your website and then use that data to generate reports for you.

in fact, GA transmits information about site users to Google’s servers using the JavaScript programming language.

Google Analytics Benefits

You should use Google Analytics for a variety of purposes.

Here’s are some of its benefits:

google analytics
  • Analyze the success of your website.
  • Check to see if your marketing efforts are paying off.
  • What kind of content should you write or what items should you sell on your website?
  • Users can be divided into different groups (like age, gender, country, device, etc.)
  • Improve the conversion rate of your website pages.

The 6 Most Important Reports in Google Analytics

Mobile Overview Report

Users will not remain long to read about your business or services if your website is not mobile-friendly. Furthermore, if your website is not mobile-friendly, Google will penalize you by lowering your ranking.Another fascinating feature of this report is that it allows you to see what kind of computer people are using to access your mobile site, as well as what platform they’re coming from. The mobile overview report will show you where you can strengthen your mobile strategy, which may result in more traffic and a higher ranking.

Channels Report

The Channels Report is one of the most critical Google Analytics reports. You can see how much of your traffic comes from unique paid and unpaid sources, such as organic, paid, direct, referral, and even social media, using the data from this report.You can then see how many visitors you’ve had, how long they remained on your website, and whether or not they converted on your site using target tracking.

It’s important to understand these figures because you’ll need to know which channels to optimize. You’ll know where to start making changes if traffic is down or the bounce rate is up year over year.

Navigation Summary

The Navigation Summary is another significant Google Analytics article. This review shows you the most common routes users take to reach specific URLs on your website. You may also decide the URL you want to analyze and the date ranges you want to look at. Another useful feature of this report is the opportunity to see where visitors are coming from and going after they’ve browsed your pages.

All of this knowledge is beneficial for a variety of purposes. Patterns of what is essential to users will begin to emerge. You can see which paths and pages should be optimized, as well as whether shortcuts should be included.

Another advantage of this study is that it allows us to figure out what concerns users have. They might have questions that your content doesn’t address if they’re scrolling back and forth between popular pages. Optimize these pages to prevent visitors from going to a competitor’s site for answers.

Landing Pages Report

The Landing Pages report is the next report worth looking at. This is the article to look at if you want to know what page users are landing on the most and where they are coming from. This report will include information such as how many target conversions are obtained from the first page a user lands on.

You will also see how many people visit your page and engage with it, as opposed to how many leave right away. If a large number of users are exiting a page quickly, you may want to make it more engaging or reduce the page load time to improve retention.

Site Speed Overview Report

The Site Speed Overview Report is another significant Google Analytics report. Google will tell you which pages are taking the longest to load and why. Slow pages are a concern because visitors will abandon your site if it takes too long to load. Google can also make recommendations about how to increase the performance of your web, with the goal of increasing user engagement.

You will also see average load time per page and per tab when looking at this report. Another interesting browser metric to look at is how quickly the pages load in different countries. This is valuable data because it shows which browsers could benefit from optimization.

Goal Overview Report

google analytics

The Goal Overview report is arguably Google Analytics’ most critical report. You may monitor particular interactions as targets, such as form submissions and downloads. When a customer converts, the business gains a qualified lead who is more likely to buy.

You can see which pages are driving conversions and which channels they’re coming from in this report, as well as defined time frames to look at. These customization also give you the option of comparing recent data to historical data.This report makes it easier to see if the company’s objectives are being met and where improvements can be made.


Finally, in today’s technological era, these critical Google Analytics reports are essential resources. They’ll help you learn about your mobile website’s efficiency, where your visitors are coming from, and how many target conversions those pages are generating.All of this information will help you get a head start on improving your website.

what is Google Analytics?

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