UI & UX definition and feature

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UI UX definition

The user interface (UI) is the interface between the user and the program, Everything that we humans have to do with the program how beautiful and attractive is the user interface .on the other hand how easy it is for us to work with this program and move things forward smoothly is a user experience (UX).

Suppose you want to open the door but the handle is at the bottom of the door. Dissatisfaction follows.
On the other hand, if the color of this door does not match the walls and other parts of the building, this ugliness will not satisfy the customer.

The beauty and visibility of a site is the user interface UI of a program on the other hand If the user feels useful and satisfied with the interaction with the program, the program has an acceptable user experience UX.

Are UI & UX different?

UI UX difference

The user interface is the graphical layout of an application that includes buttons, text, images, text entry fields, and all of the other things with which the user interacts. User experience is subjective in nature, because it is about an individual’s performance, feelings and thoughts about the system.

UI & UX From the past to the present

The user interface and user experience have changed a lot over the years and have a lot of room for improvement. For today’s computer users, working with the command prompt black screen and remembering “DIR” to view files in a folder is no longer tolerable.
The higher the expectations of users and customers from site and application designers, the more specialized these two branches become.
In fact, as the need for time changes one’s goals in life, so do the growing expectations of users for a brighter future for these two parts of the design, which require constant effort.

UI & UX features

UI goal:Attractive appearance

Choose the right colors

ui color
color in UI

What is the purpose of the site? Use the right color according to the user’s needs. Using orange, for example, creates a feeling of optimism and attracts the user’s trust.

Make the site dynamic

The use of beautiful images, appropriate animations, makes the user permanent on your page. For example, in the car sales site, a movie that shows the image of the car speed creates excitement in the user.
These images are encouraging to users

Use typography

The art of typography that the media is aware of is very effective in designing the user interface. Regular layout, appropriate fonts, appropriate font size, .. creates a beautiful text. Creating appropriate text leads to a feeling of user satisfaction

Choose the correct layout

Arrange the page according to the importance of the items in it. Important items should be clear. Proper layout increases the readability of the program. It is necessary to use color and highlight the target keys.

Increase user motivation

The use of motivational phrases creates a good feeling in the user, for example, the use of “Experience memorable moments with us” and highlighting this article on the site of travel agencies.
The inclusion of travel-related images with a smile of customer satisfaction is a good motivational image as it both provides the beauty of the site and encourages the user to use the services of the agency.

UX goal:Effective interaction

Know the needs of the user

As a user experience designer, we need to know the needs and limitations of the user well, as well as the conditions and possibilities of the project design team. The goal of this team is a useful program with the highest productivity that satisfies users.

Avoid margins

Produce a simple and memorable program according to the user’s needs. The elegance, lack of ambiguity and complexity of the product creates the pleasure of using the program. In fact, by adding the experiences of the graphic, marketing and engineering team, a unique user experience is provided.

Create a dynamic application

User experience is the feeling that a person has when using the program. This feeling will be valuable if it is useful and efficient. The user experience will change over time, so the user experience designer considers this dynamic.

Be sharp

User experience also includes the small points that the user has when interacting with the program. So consider them. Carefully review user feedback and promote your site.

Use past experiences

Some programs are very useful for users. Using this work experience is useful in creating new programs. For example, the widely used Microsoft Word program and the use of the same layout in the Google Drive program, has provided user comfort and trust.


Although the content of a site is very important. Although the services of a service provider show the end result of the work. Efficient products and satisfactory appearance, laughter closes the role of customers’ faces, but the first step should not be neglected. The best-selling site and successful program is the result of cooperation between the two groups of user interface design and user experience design.

UI & UX definition and feature

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