What is Database?

پایگاه داده

Before defining a database, let’s suppose we are in a library.

When you enter a library, there are a lot of shelves with a lot of books in them.

You do not need to search through all these shelves to find the book you are looking for. All you have to do is log in to the library system and enter the name of the book you want.

Because all the books in the library, before being sorted, the name and address of the bookshelf that they are in are entered into the system accurately.

When you search for the name of the book, if the library system is available, it will show you the exact address of the book and you can easily find it.

Databases be created with this reason for computers.This is exactly why the database was created for computers .In fact, the purpose of creating a database is to store our information accurately and in a certain order.This way we can access our information easily and very quickly.Other benefits of using a database include information independence, increased security, elimination of duplicate processes, possibility of backing up data and so on.

How to use the database on the website

When designing a site, your data is stored in two ways.They are saved as a file, for example, a photo is saved as a file,or your data is in the form of text, in which case it is stored in tabular form in your database.For example, consider a registration form on a site. When the user starts filling in the files of this form so this information is stored as a table in a database so that it can be easily accessed later.

There are various databases, including SQL server, Mongodb, mySQL, etc., the simplest and most famous of which is mySQL.

What is PHP myadmin?

In Direct Admin and C Panel, which are pairs of graphical environments, there is a section called Database. In this part, there is a Mysql software of the site and through PHP myadmin, which is a graphical environment designed for database management called this software, you can manage your database.

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