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Tired of WordPress store sites with WooCommerce? Is it slow?

How do store sites advertise so much ?! They are also very slow in reading pages and products and you want to compete with big sites like DJ Kala?

Also, how much does our market need for a high-speed website that we will explain below?

First we need to know the characteristics of a good store site?

A good store website should gain customer trust. Your website is exactly what your business looks like, and it should look like a shop that gains customer trust.

At first glance, this customer trust depends only on the speed of your website as well as the appearance of the site. Successful shopping sites need to focus on showing off the product as well as the look of their store style. Says Laura Fitton, creator of several successful online store businesses:

Focus solves the main problem of your business. By focusing on a lot of content as well as appearance, you will give the customer the right enthusiasm and effects to sell more.

Laura Fitton

Pricing is an issue that is extremely important in online stores and requires a lot of manpower to set instant prices. Inventory and price that are safe to change at any time, but the customer registers his purchase at the previous price, becomes a problem for store sites. To solve this problem, you must either have 24-hour human resource support to change and correct the price, or a smart online store that with such changes, can update the product with a new price or new inventory so that the company does not suffer losses. In Akbar ++ Store Builder, these items are created with special coding for users.

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